Kim & Kanye Are Shopping For A Mansion In Miami

    More news on our favorite couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! There’s already been talks of baby makin’, but it looks like the two are going to move in together before starting a family (makes sense). 

    According to TMZ, Kimye is on the search for a home together in Miami. And of course, they’re not just looking at any houses. They looked at four waterfront properties yesterday, and each mansion ranged between $7 and $10 million (not surprising considering Kanye plans to spend $1 million on his boo’s birthday!).

    But why Miami? According to sources close to the couple, they’ve been talking about getting their own place for a couple months now and beliece Miami is perfect because they both love the city. Plus, Kim will be stationed there for the next few months to shoot a reality show with her sister, Kourtney. 

    Do you think Kanye and Kim will make the plunge and buy a house together? Or is this all just an elaborate publicity stunt? Let us know in the comments below!