Kim Gordon And Thurston Moore Announce Split, Sonic Youth’s Future Uncertain

    It’s the news that shook up the (indie rock) world, and inspired dozens of Sonic Youth playlists this weekend: Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have announced they are separating after 27 years of marriage. They’ve been married since 1984, almost as long as they’ve been together in Sonic Youth. 

    Which brings us to the real concern of the couple’s impending divorce: What does this mean for Sonic Youth? Well, according to a release from Matador Records, the band’s current label, the band is still continuing with their scheduled November dates in South America. But after that, the band’s plans are “uncertain.” It’s hard to imagine a world without Sonic Youth, who have actually been on something of a career resurgence with their last two albums. Bands have gone on after a divorce or breakup between two members, and here’s hoping Sonic Youth can do the same. 

    Let’s all go to the New Yorker and listen to this playlist to drown our sorrows at the possibility of Sonic Youth breaking up.