Killer Mike’s “Burn” Video No Longer Banned By BET

    It was only two days ago that we learned of BET’s ban of Killer Mike’s “controversial” video for PL3DGE single “Burn.” And if you were following with the story, you likely saw that he and his Twitter followers were extremely vocal about their feelings on the network’s decision. Well, it appears that their tweets weren’t for naught. According to XXL, BET has removed the ban “[t]hanks to the power of Twitter.”


    A full statement from a BET representative is as follows:

    “BET always listens to its audience,” a rep for the station told”Thanks to the power of Twitter, BET has reassessed Killer Mike’s ‘Burn’ video and has decided to accept the video for BET Networks. If we decide to air the video on 106 & Park, we will have a conversation and discuss the issues presented in the video.”

    Pretty crazy. Makes me wonder if the same thing would have happened back when BET didn’t air Little Brother’s “Lovin’ It” video because it was “too intelligent.”  Anyway, You can watch the “Burn” video below.