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Killer Mike No Longer That Much of a Killer

Killer Mike, underground rapper with a modicum of hype, has dropped the "killer" part of his moniker and rechristened himself Mike Bigga, in a move to get his name out there in commercial circles. I'm not sure calling yourself Mike Bigga is a move up from Killer Mike, but he's got to get paid. Here's what he said about the name change:

"I love how smart the hip-hop fans are and they say 'Man, this guy is dope. Why he so slept on.' Then, it always is a comment under there that be like 'I don't suppose the name Killer Mike be holding him back? You can't get corporate sponsorship with that."

Notice: If you comment on message boards, rappers will change their names. [HipHopWired]

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Killer Mike

Remember when Ghostface dropped the "Killah" for one album. This just reminded me of that.

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