Killer Mike & Bun B React To Rush Limbaugh’s Comments On Rap

    Earlier today, we reported that Rush wasn’t happy to learn that their music was being used on the Rush Limbaugh Show. The prog-rock trio was especially pissed because Limbaugh played their song “The Spirit of the Radio” while he was hating on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke over her testifying in front of Congress about contraception.

    It wasn’t just that he opposed her views. He also called her a “slut” and a “prostitute” while adding that she should upload sex tapes to the Internet “so we can all watch.” Yeah…well, he’s since apologized, though he then continued to put his foot down his throat:

    “Talk about a double standard,” Limbaugh said. “Rappers can say anything they want about women. It’s called art. And they win awards.”

    XXL learned of his comments and proceeded to reach out to two politically active rappers, Killer Mike and Bun B, who spoke out against Limbaugh’s views.

    Here’s what Mike said:

    “Either you’re going to be a fact-based influencer of society or you’re going to be an objective art-based influencer. Choose,” Atlanta rapper Killer Mike told “You’re not an artist. I doubt you’d be good if you were one, but you present yourself as a fact-base presenter of Republican issues. Our art is subjective—you can choose to listen or not. But he presents himself as a fact person and since he chooses to do that, he should be dealt with by the full extent of the public outcry.”

    “Every time a White man gets in trouble, he pulls this shit,” Mike added. “Bill O’Reilly does this shit, Don Imus does this shit. We don’t want to be your scapegoats. Don’t blame the Black guys when you fuck up! We don’t want any parts of Mr. Limbaugh.”

    And here’s Bun’s comments:

    “As a member of the hip-hop community, let me just say that Rush Limbaugh has no validity or any credibility to speak on behalf of the hip-hop nation, on what we say or on what we do,” Bun said. “Secondly, I think it’s very weak of him and cowardly as a man to not just simply own what it is that he said himself instead of trying to deflect it. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the main person that always wants to talk about people deflecting from the real issue.

    “We’ve had people [in the hip-hop community] lose sponsorship because of language before,” the legendary Houston MC continued. “We had Bill O’Reilly playing this whole thing to get Ludacris dropped from Pepsi based on his comments, and Rush Limbaugh had no problem with that. So, you popped the pill, now swallow it. Again, we give no validity to people like him when they try to make an argument about what we should be doing in our community.”

    What does everybody think about this? Just another stupid comment from Limbaugh? [XXL]