Kill Rock Stars to Release New Stereo Total May 4

    Stereo Total, the German/French, male/female duo, will release their new CD, Baby Ouh! on Kill Rock Stars come May 4. The disc will be the U.S. followup to their 2007 release, Paris Berlin (a few foreign releases have dropped in the interim).


    The duo is a multilingual outfit (as you might have expected) that is based in Berlin and uses snappy new wave dance beats, electronic sounds, and occasional sound effects to create its artsy, somewhat humorous music. (Their popular tune “I Love You, Ono” is a good example of what they do.)


    Stereo Total is comprised of frontwoman Françoise Cactus (the former leader of the band Les Lolitas) and keyboardist and occasional singer Brezel (Friedrich Ziegler).