Kid Rock Tells Reporter To “Fuck Yourself” Over Made In Detroit Story

    Last week we reported on a goofball story about Kid Rock and his Made In Detroit line of T-shirts. It turns out that not all of the material for his shirts are actually made in Detroit and, well, dude wasn’t too happy to see the article, which originally ran in The Detroit Free Press. I could try to put his response into my own words, but, really, you just need to read this for yourself. Shit’s hilarious:

    Dear Susan Tompor,

    Let me first start off by cordially inviting you to go fuck yourself. I have always said that I do care what people in my hometown think of me, and the hatchet job you have just written about The Made In Detroit company in The Detroit Free Press has made me so upset that I am left with no choice but to defend myself and my company.

    You failed to say that the majority of our products are in fact MADE IN AMERICA. Let me address the small number of MID products not made in America, which were explained to you, but that you felt unimportant to print as part of a well-balanced and fair story. You didn’t care about printing the fact that 98 percent of all clothing sold in America is not made in America.

    Oof. [TDS]