Kid Rock Played “Born Free” At Rally For Romney

    With Super Tuesday a week away, the political world is entering its usual high gear. And as such, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney–whose middle name is High Gear–recently campaigned in his home state of Michigan, which held its primary today, Feb. 28. To help the former Massachusetts governor galvanize the people of Michigan, Romney’s people got a hold of Detroit’s own Kid Rock, who performed his single “Born Free” at a campaign event.

    Apparently Romeny uses the song for a lot of his speeches. But before he got confirmation that Rock would perform Monday night, the “Bawitaba” singer sat Romney down and asked him about really helping Michigan and Detroit. Of course, Romney answered all questions in the affirmative. At the event, he introduced Rock as “a friend, a guy who makes great music.” And, just to show you how not boring Mitt Romney is, here is a piece of Kid Rock’s great music, “American Bad Ass.” [Billboard]