Kid Rock accused of plagiarism

    Oasis nicking the insanely perfect melody from Built to Spill”’s ””Reasons”” for the middling Britpop of ””Don”’t Look Back in Anger””? Yeah, now there”’s a high crime. Kid Rock ””stealing”” the idea to yell the phrase ””so hot”” three times in a chorus from some guy in Kentucky[more:] named Maurice Forman”as is Forman”’s allegation according to Rolling Stone? Hmm. Not so much.
    In any event, those are the charges: Rock stole the chorus”and lead-guitar riff”for his current single ””So Hott”” from Foreman”’s 1997 (single? Let”’s say single) ””Slow Death.””
    For their part in the investigation, RS notes that they listened to both songs side by side and that ””[the] claims are just straight up ridiculous.”” For my part, I wrote the phrase ””Plagiarism is art”” on a sticky pad, tossed it in a coffin, and then hammered in some nails.
    Regardless, it”’s a win-win for Kid: Either you feel sorry for him because he”’s lifting catchphrases from a random dude in Kentucky, or he”’s innocent, and I mean”””so hot, so hot, so hot”””hey, sure, that”’s pretty catchy! [Rolling Stone]