Kid Rock: Obama–“Great thing for black people”

    With the sole exception of Rage Against the Machine, rap-rock is a music genre that would likely lend itself to political apathy. After all, who has time to vote or follow politics when there is a world of stuff to break?

    Kid Rock however, has a breaking announcement that may rock the political establishment. Ever the eloquent speaker, everyone’s favorite late 90s porn star-loving, republican-leaning rap-rocker has announced to British magazine Metro that the election of Barack Obama is a "great thing for Black people." He hasn’t really commented on whether it is a "great thing" for other people. Apparently these Black people were "kind" to Rock and were a musical influence on him when Kid was a wee thing (this is really not a fair accusation to make re: said Black people).

    Citing his patriotism, Rock believes that Obama’s election will finally show the rest of the world that America is not as racist as is often perceived.

    On a final note, Kid remarks, "I will support him until I have reason not to." [NME]