Kid Rock And Sean Penn Don’t Let Politics Divide Them (Video)

    Kid Rock and Sean Penn put their political differences aside to film a public service announcement about putting your political differences aside. In this 11-minute video called Americans, from new filmmaker Jameson Stafford, the two celebs run through just about every common stereotype one party has for the other, before finding a middle ground (hint: it’s freedom).

    The video begins with Sean Penn bumping into an overalls-clad Kid Rock at the bar and the two exchange a series of insults, as one might expect a real-life encounter to play out. The ranting is cut short, however, when they see a news report on the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan; this prompts them to toast freedom and embark on a series of equally cliche “odd couple” adventures (driving around in a Prius, drinking domestic beer, attending a gay marriage, building American flag sand sculptures). The message? “Don’t let politics divide us.”

    Kid Rock, you might remember, performed “Born Free” at a Romney rally back in February and Penn has never, ever, ever kept silent about his liberal leanings (or anything else for that matter).

    Watch the video below. Probably NSFW (unless you work for one of them pita-chasin’ “granola-crat” companies that don’t monitor your browser history). [Mashable]