Kid On The Cover Of Placebo’s Self-Titled Album Sues Band For “Ruining His Life”

    If you lived in the ’90s, then you have seen the album cover for Placebo’s 1996 self-titled debut. The record was quite successful, hitting #5 on British charts and selling 10 million copies worldwide since its release. 

    However, as the band was showered with success, the cover star didn’t endure the same fate. According to Daily Mail, David Fox, the adorably morose, shaggy haired boy who graced that cover, is suing the Britpop band for damages, arguing that he never consented to the image’s use and that appearing on the cover “ruined his life.”

    Fox, who was 12 years old at the time of the photo, claims that the album’s success caused him to be bullied and ostracised at school. He took a year off and eventually dropped out of school as a result of the abuse. The harm was so emotionally traumatic that Fox has stated that he will file a lawsuit against Placebo next month.

    The band’s agent, Riverman Management stated that Fox’s case should be directed against Virgin Records, the label that put out the album, rather than the band itself. 

    My question is, why did it take this guy 16 years to press charges if it caused him such grief? Maybe it’s because he’s unemployed?