Kid Cudi Shoves A Fan Off Stage In Houston: “Not On My Watch.”

    As a Kid Cudi fan myself, it’s well documented that if you do for Cudder, Cudder will do for you. One of those things to do for him is to not interrupt him during his performance. What he will do for you, though, is give you an experience musically. On Kid Cudi’s “The Cud Life” tour in Houston, a fan decides to hop on stage to join Cudi in performance. Now, seeing that I had the opportunity to see him live in Clemson, South Carolina last week, the fan should have just stepped back to consider that when Cudi is in his zone, it’s best to just watch him do his thing. Unsurprisingly, Cudi shoved the fan off the stage and said, “Not on my watch. It’s been five years.”

    Watch the clip below: