Kickstarter Discusses Amanda Palmer’s Million Dollar Campaign

    The Dresden Dolls/Evelyn Evelyn’s Amanda Palmer recently made history by raising over a million dollars through fundraising site Kickstarter. With the help of 24,883 people, the New Yorker raised a total of $1,192,793, more than ten times her original goal of $100,000, in just one month.

    The first musician to raise more than a million dollars, Palmer will use the money to release an album with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, go on tour and put out a book of art. Amongst various incentives on her Kickstarter, Palmer promised a digital download of the album with exclusive bonus material to anyone who donated one dollar or more.

    In honor of Palmer’s record-setting fundraising campaign, Kickstarter released some details about musicians’ relationships with the site. The site notes, “Music projects are also successfully funded at a high rate — 52% of music projects reach their goals versus 44% of all projects. The most successful genres: Country (62%), Indie Rock (60%), Jazz (57%), and Classical (57%). In total, more than $42 million has been pledged to Kickstarter music projects.”

    Regarding Palmer in particular, the site states that she “isn’t the most famous person in the world, but she might have the most loyal following. Her fans love her because of who she is. She hangs out with them online and in person. She chooses not to have a record label. She’s transparent with everything she does.” Read Kickstarter’s post about Palmer’s and other musicians’ projects in full here. [TDS]