Kevin Shields Talks Details Of New My Bloody Valentine Album

    Last week we got word that My Bloody Valentine was going to release a long-awaited follow-up to their 1991 full-length Loveless. Now we have details about the recording process of the new album and what it will sound like from band mastermind, Kevin Shields.

    Speaking with The Quietus, Shields said that his intent was to not think too much about this record and just “bash” it out. On his slow work ethic, Shields said the following:

    “I’m actually trying to move away from that way of working. I’m just going to try, as an experiment, to bash out a record for better or for worse. Do it quick enough to not allow my imagination to slow me down. Because if I achieve something that’s in my mind, it’s not necessarily better than something I do spontaneously – because then it can take on a life of its own, you don’t expect it, but you hear something that comes up by chance and think shit, that’s great. If you only allow yourself to do things the way you hear them in your mind, it won’t be worse than that – but it’s not necessarily better.”

    Shields says the record is “almost done” and that he still needs to work on the eighth and ninth song and then he will begin mixing the record. Fortunately, Shields said he doesn’t work slowly when mixing.

    So what will it sound like? Shields had this to say:

    “It’s not going to sound like Loveless where it’s like looking into another world. [It’s] more like Isn’t Anything, where it seems to be of this world, but with one foot in another world. The songs on Loveless had more in common with folk-blues music to me, just a verse and an instrumental passage, circular. The new songs are more… sometimes it’s just that, and sometimes it’s songs that have one verse, then a musical part, then something that’s totally different. More elongated… and more raw. A lot of the guitars are very aggressive.”

    The forthcoming album has yet to be named and does not have a release date. [The Quietus]