Kevin Shields Explains Mastering Process for Reissues

    Kevin Shields has started a full-fledged My Bloody Valentine renaissance in 2012, first with the release, after years of waiting, of newly remastered versions of their previous albums, and then with the announcement, after many more years of waiting, of a new album.

    Today, we get a bit of background on the former story. In an interview with Pitchfork TV, Shields explains the 10+ year process of remastering and reissuing the classics Isn’t Anything and Loveless, and why it’s important to be able to hear both versions of the albums. The best quote? When he calls Sony Music “sociopaths,” and explains that “all the analog multi-tracks were missing for a year. It was only my threats of getting Scotland Yard involved that they suddenly magically appeared.” Watch the video below.