OMG! No!! Kevin Jonas to Go Solo?

    My my, how things change. A mere nine months ago I interviewed Joe Jonas for the Washington Post Express, and he expressed nothing but gratitude for his band’s then-newfound success after some lean times when they had no label and few fans.


    "Honestly, there was a period that we were really worried if we’d ever be going to the place we would hope to be doing music," he told me in part of the interview that did not make the article. "There was definitely a season of worrying before we got signed to Hollywood Records."


    But money changes everything — as the old song goes — and today we hear from Star magazine the eldest Jonas, Kevin, may fly the coop now that he’s a ripe old 21. Our thoughts? Stick to the formula, guys. You’ll have time enought to fly solo on labels far smaller than Hollywood when your fickle tweenage fans move on. Read up on what happened to the New Kids when they got ambitious. [Source: Angry Ape]