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OMG! No!! Kevin Jonas to Go Solo?

My my, how things change. A mere nine months ago I interviewed Joe Jonas for the Washington Post Express, and he expressed nothing but gratitude for his band's then-newfound success after some lean times when they had no label and few fans.


"Honestly, there was a period that we were really worried if we’d ever be going to the place we would hope to be doing music," he told me in part of the interview that did not make the article. "There was definitely a season of worrying before we got signed to Hollywood Records."


But money changes everything -- as the old song goes -- and today we hear from Star magazine the eldest Jonas, Kevin, may fly the coop now that he's a ripe old 21. Our thoughts? Stick to the formula, guys. You'll have time enought to fly solo on labels far smaller than Hollywood when your fickle tweenage fans move on. Read up on what happened to the New Kids when they got ambitious. [Source: Angry Ape]



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OMG HE CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uh, no proof that he might leave so I ain't buying it.


Wait! I just remembered something. There is a little brother, Frankie, also known as the "Bonus Jonas." Maybe he can step in and take Kevin's place.

Yes, folks my diabolical plan is to morph Prefix into 16 Magazine. Forget indie -- let's discuss who is kewler, Joe Jonas or Jesse McCartney!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tsclafan/moi image.jpg tonys

Kevin never said it himself, dont buy this crap


Yeah, this is super bunk.

But, tonys -

Actually please DO forget "indie". I haven't seen a live "indie" performance that excited me half as much as a Jonas Brothers show in years. They're really good! The "indie" world has become the place to find all that is trite, pretentious and cookie cutter. I'm sure it will rise again...but I see nothing. The pop realm seems to be a decent place for the first time I can remember (I was not very conscious in the early 80s).

Jesse McCartney on the other hand...well I'm sure he's a very nice young man. I wouldn't know.


Lizlemon -- To get a wider idea of what indie is about, Google SOMA-FM's "Indie Pop Rocks," which is an Internet station, and check it out.

As for the "pop realm," I'll grant you that this past summer was an especially good period for hits -- my favorites were Estelle's "American Boy," MIA's "Paper Planes," and Colby O'Donis' "What You Got." McCartney's "I'm Leaving" was also pretty good, I'll admit.

The problem with Top 40 is songs get played over and over,so if a bad one creeps in, it ruins everything. When they stop playing the tuneless, poorly-sung "Womanizer," I'll tune back in.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tsclafan/moi image.jpg tonys

It totally agree with this Emily girl. Kevin obviously never said this himself. stupid rumours!!!


No ONE will buy it. he is ugly and a lot think that. it will be intresting since the world has never heard him sing major like nick or joe. also he might be like taylor swift really sucks but has his voice done in the studio. taylor swift sucks in concert but her songs are good in the studio. this has a lot of stories to it


omg he wont go solo its a stupid thought


he isnt it says on there myspace so this was just a rumor


OMG!!!! he can't go solo!!he just can't.besides i don't believe those


this is crazy, the jonas brothers wouldnt be the same without him.
Because frankie is still to young but even if they add him i think that it would be cool but still not the same.

veronica <3

This would NEVER happen. Kevin is a Jonas Brother too. Although do to fake fans he doesnt get the love he deserves He would never leave the band and his brothers would never expect him to..not to even think about it. And some of you say that Frankie could take his I can tell you aren't a real fan. That wouldn't be the same. And some of you say he's "ugly" or whatever..I'm sure that really hurts his feelings. And even if you do think he's ugly thats no reason to not like him. Just like his brothers he's a very good guy. In all the interviews and magazines he's almost always the first to say how much he appriciates all the support from the fans and he says how much he loves their fans. Kevin is a very loving person and I don't know how anyone could hate someone like him:( I know I do. I LOVE ALL THREE OF THEM..the Jonas Brothers:) I will always be here to LOVE and SUPPORT them. ALL THREE OF THEM. ALWAYS.

Paige Ramsey

i agree with paige ramsey i love all three of them and i think all of them are SEXY im serious i love how kevin does his facial espresions and i love joe's hair and i just love nicks whole face and hair and just every thing

taylor <3z nick jonas and kyle horn

Nobody will repleace kevin!!!! This won t happen!!!!! But I would steel buying his things, he is so cute!!!!

Agustina/ kevin I love U!!!!!!!!

Since this was reported almost a year ago, guess it is bogus. But just in case it comes up again..Kevin can't sing, play the guitar, etc. How could he possibly go solo! He is like one of the Monkeys..not Davey Jones; one of the Jacksons...not Michael. He is just a face who fills a spot on the stage.


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