Kevin Drew discusses solo debut, Broken Social Scene’s future

    Via: Chart Attack
    Broken Social Scene frontman has reiterated that we wont be seeing any Broken Social Scene material anytime soon, as the group’s members are taking a hiatus to work on other projects. To that end, Drew discussed his plans for a solo album:
    “I’m gonna release a solo record. It’s pretty much done. I’m just gonna decide when I feel like talking about myself again, which I don’t right now. So I might wait a long time before I put it out. But that’s gonna happen.”
    Drew is hardly the only social scenester with plans for 2007 though. Drew gave a status report on what to expect in the coming months:
    “Apostle Of Hustle has a new record coming out, Feist’s record is done, Do Make [Say Think]’s record is done. Stars are starting to record. Everyone’s getting in and getting ready for releasing a lot of records next year.”
    Drew made certain to clarify that Broken Social Scene’s hiatus wasn’t of the indefinite variety though. The band will return at one point, but Drew did concede that he was unsure who would be on board when that time comes.
    “I think [Brendan] Canning would just blow the whistle, and we’ll see who returns. Everyone’s doing different things now. Life is very different from when this all started, and that’s on a personal and musical level. So you don’t know who wants to continue and who wants to do what. I understand we’ll be around for a long time, but we’ll see what happens with it.”