Kelis Wants Baby Expenses of $20,000-a-Month in Nas Divorce


    The Nas/Kelis divorce is about to get very public, and it looks like the hip-hop star will be bringing a lot more than a “Milkshake” to his former spouse’s yard. Kelis filed for divorce from Nas in May when she was seven months pregnant with his child, citing infidelity and verbal abuse as the core reasons for their split.

    According to reports, Kelis’s demands include $20,000 a month in baby expenses. The court documents produced in relation to the divorce state that her “survival is based on Nas’s will,” with Kelis claiming that she has hit hard times recently. Those “hard times” have forced her to live on an income of just $21,616 a month since November 2008.

    Kelis’s lavish $80,000-a-month lifestyle cannot be maintained under her current circumstances, although revelations about her spending are sure to cause some quizzical looks. The $15,000 a month spent on entertainment, gifts and vacations will certainly raise the ire of anyone hit hard by the recession. Full details of the court papers can be viewed in this PDF file.