Kele Okerke Hates Bloc Party’s Records

    This is a pretty strange tactic for promoting your solo record: Kele Okerke, he of Bloc Party, recently told Spinner that he more or less hates his band’s albums (aka the only reason anyone would be interested in a Kele solo album):



    “I don’t listen to any of the old records,” Okereke confides to Spinner. “I realized recently that I didn’t own a copy of either ‘Intimacy’ or ‘In the City,’ so I went to my label and I asked them for copies of both. I don’t own ‘Silent Alarm,’ either, but I was quite eager to see how the other two sounded since I hadn’t heard them in a really long time.” “I was really impressed with how ‘In the City’ sounded,” he explains. “With ‘Intimacy,’ there were some songs on there that I really liked and there’s some songs I can’t listen to. I haven’t heard ‘Silent Alarm’ in ages but I remember really hating it when we were finished with it.”

    It’s especially daring to hate the one album everyone else still sort of loves (Silent Alarm). But now he’s saying the only time he’s gotten his music right is with his solo stuff:

    “I remember not liking ‘Silent Alarm’s production, then struggling for the next couple of albums to make something more precise,” he recalls. “If I knew then what I know now we would have achieved that power in a different way.”

    Hey folks, Boxer is in stores now! Remember Silent Alarm? Straight garbage. Cop the new solo joint, aight? [Spinner]