Keith Richards Named Writer Of The Year By GQ, Claims Biopic In The Works

    In a probable stunt, but also maybe because his book is the tops, Keith Richards was named the writer of the year at the annual GQ awards, and he was presented the awards by Johnny Depp. Seriously, though, Life is pretty great.

    The bigger news from the awards is that Richards has apparently been approached to turn the book into a biopic, and he is apparently open to the idea. The bigger concern for him is finding who should play him:

    “There are feelers out at the minute [but] I’m in no rush right at the moment. Also, how are they going to find me? The idea of a succession of Keith Richards coming down is horrifying,” he said.

    A Keith Richards biopic would obviously be huge, but is it really necessary? Like, dude’s story is almost like a comic book hero’s origin story at this point. He’s like Spider-Man or something. But don’t count Hollywood out when it comes to taking some story that’s perfect and making it over unnecessarily. [Telegraph]