Keith Richards Apologizes For Offending Mick Jagger With His Book

    Earlier this week, it was announced that the Rolling Stones would probably not be touring in 2012, saying that 2013 is more realistic, and citing health concerns as the reason for the lack of a tour. For months, it’s been reported that the reason the band wasn’t going to tour was because Mick Jagger was still mad about Keith Richards’ memoir, Life, and it’s repeated shots at Jagger. So it seemed weird that suddenly Richards’ health was the reason they weren’t going to be touring. 

    But now comes this: Richards has publicly apologized to Jagger for the shots at him in the book, and even says he regrets offending him:

    As far as the book goes, it was my story and it was very raw, as I meant it to be, but I know that some parts of it and some of the publicity really offended Mick and I regret that.

    So is this the first step towards Jagger and Richards getting back together? Will the Stones be hitting the stadiums of the world soon? Only time will tell. [RS via NME]