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Keane "Horrified" By Right-Wing Conservative Party Using Their Music


Remember the chaos and confusion that occurred when John McCain and Sarah Palin adopted various songs for their 2009 election campaign, only for many of the artists to turn around and slam them for appropriating their music? Well, it looks like the same thing is set to occur in the U.K. ahead of their elections in May.


The right-wing Conservative Party has seen fit to borrow a song from fey Coldplay-lite indie-rockers Keane, causing much furrowing of brows from the band. Their song “Everybody’s Changing” was used at the party’s manifesto launch yesterday (April 13), and Keane’s drummer, Richard Hughes, has responded on Twitter.


“Told the Tories played Keane at their manifesto launch," he wrote. "Am horrified. To be clear – we were not asked. I will not vote for them." David Bowie’s “Changes” was also played at the gathering, and it’s hard to imagine him being pleased about that, although whether the reclusive singer will speak out about it is anyone’s guess.


[via Clash]

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And Reagan used (or almost used?) Born In The USA without permission. Why don't the world's conservatives respect property rights? I thought that was their thing!

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