Keane Continues Voicing Displeasure About Tories’ Use of Song

    A month after stating that he was “horrified” after learning his band’s 2004 single “Everybody’s Changing” was played at the Tory manifesto launch, Keane drummer Richard Hughes wants the world to know that he’s still unhappy that the bouncy, piano-led tune was being used to promote UK’s Conservative Party. 


    Though a lawyer for the Party penned a letter to Hughes saying that the use of the song “was in no way intended to support David Cameron’s campaign,” Hughes responded, “It’s quite strange … seems at odds with him walking onto the stage with ‘Everybody’s Changing’ blaring out in the background.” Keane’s track certainly didn’t hurt Cameron’s campaign as the opposition Conservatives won the UK election.


    Still, this isn’t the first time that a band has been at odds with their songs being used for political gain. Last year, MGMT sued French president Nicolas Sarkozy for using their ubiquitous single “Kids” in online videos without their permission while Bon Jovi and Heart were unhappy that their music was being played at Republican Party rallies. [via Spinner]