Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Bombs

    “I wanted to show people this parade that surrounds me, I wanted them to see the engine,” said Katy Perry about her autobiographical film Part Of Me. “I wanted people to be able to experience the tour and all the joy it brought, which is why we shot it in 3D.”

    But not a lot of people wanted to see that. According to the Los Angeles Times, Part Of Me took in a paltry $7.2 million over the weekend, despite costing over $11 million to make. Katy Perry’s film got blasted by recent concert films by two other pop stars: Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never made almost $30 million in its opening weekend last year, while Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour raked in $31 million in 2008.

    Part Of Me even documented Perry’s marriage to actor Russell Brand, but that still couldn’t sway fans and moviegoers. [NME]