Katy Perry Responds to Beth Ditto’s “Offensive to Gay Culture” Claims

    Earlier this week, the Gossip’s Beth Ditto memorably called Katy Perry’s biggest hit, “A boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or, like, faking gay.” Ditto poured scorn on “I Kissed a Girl,” and labeled Perry “offensive to gay culture.”

    Perry was at the Glamour Awards in London last night (June 2), where she responded to Ditto’s remarks by doing that thing that famous people often do, where they say they “don’t want to say anything bad” about someone, and then proceed to do just that. “I don’t want to say anything bad about her,” said Perry. “But I’m not impressed.”

    The singer attempts to offer some advice to Ditto, unwittingly insulting her in the process. “I’ve learnt in the past year that one artist should never insult another artist’s music–it’s tacky,” she said. “And with me, it always comes back to bite me on the ass!” It’s unfortunate that Perry couldn’t engage with the legitimate issues Ditto raises, but perhaps not surprising considering one of her most famous songs is named “Ur So Gay.”