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Katy Perry Calls Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Rumors "Calculated"

The story that refuses to die--that Lady GaGa allegedly has a dong--has been considered by ABC News. Seriously ABC News? What the hell is wrong with you? But the story also just got a balanced opinion from Katy Perry, who had this to say to London's Daily Mirror:

"Oh, please. It's all very calculated," she told the newspaper. "She knows what she's doing. She put something in her knickers, a mini strap-on. Bless her if she does have a di--, but I am certain she doesn't."

Ms. Pot, I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Kettle. Doing a song about how your ex-boyfriend is gay and how you are a lesbian when it is needed for a pop chorus isn't "calculated," apparently. Maybe Lady Gaga's weiner story is calculated, but I can't imagine being proud that people think I'm a hermaphrodite, and being elated at how awesome that now makes me. It would be profoundly sad if it was calculated. [MTV]

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Katy Perry
Lady GaGa

Profoundly sad, why? Got something against heshes?

Also, have you MET Lady Gaga? She's all ABOUT the calculated rumors, jeez.

shit article

Say what you want but Lady Gaga, but she's hot and she IS POP! even when she has crazy costumes or antics, even like those in this gallery, shes insane but that's why I love her!!! I'm goo goo for gaga!


haha thats so funny, Even if lady gaga is a hermaphrodite she is famous and rich so beats all of us haha


I think "profoundly sad" is stretching it. Would you also be "profoundly sad" to be cashing five and six figure checks and have a posse of artists working on your projects 24/7? I think not.

Calculated publicity comes with the territory. Same with KP.


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