Katy Perry Breaks Record For Most Radio Plays In A Week

    As it turns out, Katy Perry didn’t even need her sexy, sexy video for “California Gurls” to get people to listen to it.


    True, since she released the video about two weeks ago it’s garnered over 7.2 million views on YouTube. But, the song itself racked up 11,816 radio plays during the week of June 21-June 27, making it the most played song on radio ever over a one week span. The former record holder? Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” had 11,224 plays in February, so score one for the ladies and radio’s love over playing the same song over and over again. “Wait, didn’t they just play this song?” you asked last week while crusing around blasting top 40 radio. Yes, they did just play it, and they’ll play it again in another couple of minutes.


    To do the math, the song is about four minutes long. That means its was heard for 47,264 minutes, which is the equivalent of almost 5 radio stations playing nothing but that song all day long for a week. That’s a lot of Katie Perry everyone, and it’s doubtful that total will drop significantly any time soon.


    Or, this could mean nothing, and everyone in America just loves any song featuring Snoop Dogg rapping for a little bit.


    [Perez Hilton]