Kathleen Hanna Gets Hers With Benefit Project And Documentary

    Kathleen Hanna has done it all: She’s left an indelible mark on radical feminism with her affiliation with the “riot grrl”/DIY movement; she’s founded two highly influential bands, Bikini Kill and Le Tigre; and she’s thoroughly pissed off Courtney Love. Granted, the latter isn’t that difficult to do, but it’s about time Hanna, a bonafide icon, was properly honored.


    The Kathleen Hanna Project, a.k.a. Who Told You Christmas Wasn’t Cool?, will rock the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Dec. 11. The concert will feature a bevy of musical artists — from those who have influenced Hanna, to those heavily inspired by her work, to friends and contemporaries like Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon — all performing covers of Kathleen Hanna songs, such as “Suck My Left One,” “Rebel Girl,” and guaranteed floor-shaker “Deceptacon.”


    Acts include Gordon, Gordon’s daughter Coco and her band She Murders, Care Bears on Fire, Making Friendz, The Roulettes, and MEN, as well as a video performance by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek. Hanna is expected to add more pals to the roster before the show date.


    Director Sini Anderson will film the show and interview the night’s performers about Hanna’s cultural impact, with the resulting footage becoming a part of Anderson’s documentary, The Kathleen Hanna Project. All proceeds from the benefit concert will fund further filming and production of the doc. The Kathleen Hanna Project is scheduled for completion next summer, just in time to hit the film festival circuit in fall 2011.


    [Knitting Factory via The Daily Swarm]