Kate Bush’s ’50 Words For Snow’ Streaming In Full

    It’s been an unusually busy year for Kate Bush, with the release of her Director’s Cut project and the forthcoming new album, 50 Words For Snow. The latter will surface on Nov. 21 and will contain a number of tracks that continue the “snow” theme of the title (“Snowflake,” “Snowed In at Wheeler Street” and the title track among them).

    Fortunately, eager listeners won’t have to wait until Nov. 21 to hear the record, as NPR is streaming it in full for a limited time via this link. Look out for an appearance from actor Stephen Fry on “50 Words for Snow,” Bush’s son Bertie on “Snowflake and Sir Elton John on “Snowed In at Wheeler Street.”

    The track listing for 50 Words for Snow looks like this:

    1. Snowflake
    2. Lake Tahoe
    3. Misty
    4. Wildman
    5. Snowed in at Wheeler Street
    6. 50 Words For Snow
    7. Among Angels