Kate Bush Will Perform Live Again In 2014

    Good news everyone! Kate Bush has made a long, long overdue announcement: She’ll be playing 15 live shows beginning in August of this year. The bad news? They’re all at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. (Not bad news if you live in London, I guess.) The more bad news? It’s only 15 shows and tickets will probably be approaching impossible to get. (More on that later.)

    Bush’s last full tour was 1979’s “The Tour of Life.” She’s made appearances since then though, with Prince in 1982, a 1986 Comic Relief show, with David Gilmour in 2002. But that’s it. It’s been a while since you could see a full set of Kate Bush music live. (I mean performed by Kate Bush, Theo Bleckmann.) She may have never even played a full show in your lifetime. Not that I want to split the readership into pre- and post-The Tour of Life as some sort of binary where one group is superior to the other. It doesn’t have to be that way any more. We can all see Kate Bush live now, pending that you either “know a guy” or are incredibly lucky the day tickets go on sale . 

    According to Fact Magazine, Bush is poised to be the fastest-selling female act of 2014, passing Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. You should probably start exercising your clicking finger in preparation for the Friday, March 28 on sale here.

    Full list of dates:

    Tuesday, August 26

    Wednesday, August 27

    Friday, August 29

    Saturday, August 30

    Tuesday, September 2

    Wednesday, September 3

    Friday, September 5

    Saturday, September 6

    Tuesday, September 9

    Wednesday, September 10

    Friday, September 12

    Saturday, September 13

    Tuesday, September 16

    Wednesday, September 17

    Friday, September 19

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