Kate Bush Using Bone Meal To Help In Writing Of New Album


    It’s only a couple of weeks until we get to hear Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut in full, but the singer is already plotting her next move. According to an interview she gave today on BBC Radio 4, Bush has already completed most of the writing for her next, as yet untitled new album.


    “I’ve put a packet of bone meal on my piano and it seems to be helping the sort of blossoming of the songs… It wasn’t deliberate,” she said. “I was en route to the garden and happened to have a packet of bone meal and just left it on the piano. It was there for a few days and then I’d noticed, actually, I’d written a couple of songs since it had been there, so I thought I’d just leave it there and see if it sped the process up a bit.”


    Yup, bone meal. Expect sales of the stuff to soar as all the Kate imitators out there try and tap into her working methods. Bush also claimed that she found the writing process “stressful,” and clearly doesn’t enjoy the long periods of time that open up between her releases. “It’s very frustrating the albums take as long as they do,” she said. “I wish there weren’t such big gaps between them.”


    [via 24Bit/Gigwise]