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Kate Bush releases new song

The enigmatic Kate Bush will release her first new material in more than two years. The artist will contribute a song to the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "The Golden Compass." The movie's previews prominently feature a massive polar bear breaking things and swatting people and animals (Hounds of Love?) with criminally brute force. Bush's song, "Lyra" will not be used to soundscape any bear-related violence but rather as the feature track during the film's closing credits. Bush wrote and produced the song, named after the movie's main character, in her home studio. This will not be the first song Bush contributed to a film project, having previously done work for "Castaway" and "She's Having a Baby." The soundtrack arrives in stores on December 12, while the movie debuts five days earlier on December 7.
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Kate Bush

she looks old

Lil Stevie

she looks bewitching.

Steve Pollock

To Lil Stevie : Ms Bush is 49. She's not supposed to look 19. I'm glad to see an "original" face opposed to the altered Hollywood plastic faces. Isn't it all about the music though ? Eat the Music Stevie !


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