Kasabian Talk New Album/Reveal Themselves as Sci-Fi Geeks

    NME.COM is reporting that Kasabians sophomore release, Empireset to be released September 4 in the UKgot its name from a private buzz word the band shares that. apparently, is Star Wars inspired. The album was recorded over a four-week period at Rockfield Studios in Wales and front man Tom Meighan was kind enough to talk about the bands creative process during that time:


     Weve gone from on the farm smoking shitloads of hash and coming up with a load of mashed up tunes, to this time being more royal, should I say? Weve just took it to another level and raised the stakes.


    Enlightening stuff to be sure. What about that title? Are the members of Kasabian trying to say that theyre some kind of globe-dominating rock force? While we here at Prefix wouldnt be so bold as to put words in anyones mouths, we feel the need to point you towards another quote take from the same article:

    “We fucking own it, we’re the fucking modernists now! We’re not trying to prove anything, we’ve just let our hair down and gone for it. It’s sexier than the first record. It’s naughtier too, it’s not as aggressive, it’s definitely naughty this time round.
    Decide for yourselves.

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