Kanye’s Fifth Album Gets a Name: ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’

    That whole Good Ass Job business was apparently nothing more than a rumor — and yes, I realize Kanye West shot that name down a while ago. But come on, it was a rumored title for quite a long time, so you can’t blame us, and other outlets, for thinking it might actually be his fifth album’s title.


    Well, it’s not. It’s officially being called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, according to a recent tweet from Yeezy. This comes just a day after he let us know that the album is dropping Nov. 22, a day before he plans on also releasing that joint EP, Watch the Throne, with Jay-Z. Kanye also tweeted that some of the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks will indeed appear on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Any guesses on which will be on there? I’m thinking “Monster,” “So Appalled,” “Power,” and maybe one other, along with those leaks that pissed him off so much.


    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is due out Nov. 22. Follow Kanye on Twitter if you want to learn more about the album. Dude just also revealed that the first track is “Dark Fantasy” and produced by him, RZA, and No I.D.