Kanye West’s Sex Tapes Worth $5 Million

    Kanye West’s a good rapper/producer and all, but from all this news circulating around his sex tapes, it looks like he’s also pretty good in the sack.

    The anonymous holder of the already infamous tapes may be sitting on a goldmine. According to Sex.com, the company will pay $5 million for the exclusive right to both tapes.

    “Sex.com sees Mr. West as much more than a rapper. He is a cultural icon, responsible for setting trends in music and fashion. Sex.com feels that these sex-tapes  are not only an exclusive look into the star’s intimate life but could also contain the same Midas touch Mr. West brings to all his projects,” the site said in a statement.

    Yes, he does add a “Midas touch” to his projects, although it’s not usually with his dong (unless that’s been his secret all along!?).

    Kanye is doing all he can to make sure these tapes never see the light of day. Do you think he’ll succeed? Would you watch ‘Ye doin’ the nasty? Let us know in the comments below!