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Kanye West's Rant About Radiohead Cut from <i>VH1: Storytellers</i>

On Wednesday, video proof of Kanye West's upcoming episode of VH1's Storytellers hit the Internet, and today brings some additional news about the program (airing this Saturday at 8 p.m. EST): During the broadcast, Kanye spent an exorbitant amount of time ranting about O.J Simpson, Michael Jackson, and bad-mouthing Thom Yorke of Radiohead. 

During the taping, according to a Reuters reporter, West was aggrieved that Radiohead singer Thom Yorke had allegedly snubbed him backstage at the Grammys five days earlier. That hurt, West told the audience, because he idolizes the British band, and considers it one of his few creative rivals.


"So when he performed at the Grammys, I sat the f--- down," West said.

However, VH1 has cut most of those moments from the broadcast, citing their need to trim the program down to the "essence" of what Kanye said, which seemingly would be that Thom Yorke rant and the craziness that led to Kanye saying OJ was "amazing" (that part is in).


I guess the whole "they cut out a Radiohead rant" is a pretty good ploy to get more viewers, but you'd think that VH1, which is known for giving no-talent hacks reality programs after they star on a reality program that requires them to fake attraction to another no-talent hack who starred on a reality program, would leave that in to draw viewers. Apparently someone at VH1 decided now was the time to display their editing skill. [Yahoo News

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Kanye West

The video VH1 released for this is pretty amazing. See Kanye doing "Stronger" on Storytellers here:


No thanks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

kanye west is a talent free douchebag.


Kanye West is the talentless one


Kanye is a retarded piece of crap who thinks the world revolves him.
Wakkey , wakey sunshine, it doesn't.


Seriously, what is this guys deal? How much did his dead mother not love him for him to think that everything in the world revolves around his universe. I remember him saying something like he was the voice of this generation like Dylan was in the 60's. He deserves a good hard kick in the nuts, and I hope that South Park does a show on him like they did on Paris Hilton.


Listen mark the mother comment was totally out of line and whack ass Kanye himself is ... Manny jj lemmy i agree with you all this guy is a just totally self absorbed wad personality wise or at least what he shows to the media .. I will say this from a hip hop prospective is that his best stuff is not the music u hear on the radio station like "Lucifer" on the Jay_Z "Black Album" or his work with Dialated Peoples. I won;t go as far as to say that he doesn't have talent ...Talent is very rich in Kanye West but Ill admit sometimes I just have to forget this guy had anything to do with making a song I like such as his work on the "Blueprint" ... When u have talent like that just use it and shut the hell up mr west please for the love of God just SHUT THE HELL UP ... If the guy from Radiohead did snub Kanye he should stop being a bitch about it in public.. It's girl ass sh!t like that which makes people think you act like a frigging diva... Put on some pants Kanye make good music and shut the hell up u friggin diva ...


If anything what Yorke did to Cyrus and West only enhances his own legend. Kanye West is probably the most overrated artist of the decade. He feels like radiohead are his equals? When West has put out seven critically acclaimed albums and they all have sold well.... only then can he begin to even be close to the class that radiohead is in... a class that contains only the best and most innovative in music


kanye what???


yeah, I don't if any of you where at Bonnaroo last year, when Kanye West performed. Basically he threw a fit so he could perform on the main stage, and ended up cutting time from other bands, such as a headliner Pearl Jam. There was a lot of


Kanye and Miley think they deserve to rank themselves among Radiohead? They should be happy their names where ever uttered in the same breath.


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