Kanye West’s “Gone” Charts…Eight Years Later

    Eight year after Kanye’s sophomore album Late Registration was released, “Gone,” featuring Cam’ron & Consequence, has charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 at number 18.

    How did this happen? We can thank Marina Shifrin, a video producer who dramatically quit her job via a dance video which featured the song. You can check out the video below and see the full story here. The video is now up to 15 million-plus views, seemingly inspiring folks to purchase the song and radio DJs across the country to play it.

    “Gone” has never charted before, for it wasn’t one of the five singles off Late Registration, but there’s no denying its pop appeal. This was Kanye’s original Otis before “Otis,” as it samples Redding’s “It’s Too Late.”

    There’s definitly nothing this radio-friendly on Yeezus, but as much as Kanye claims he doesn’t care if the public likes him, you can be certain he’ll casually brag about “Gone” charting eight years after its release.