Kanye West’s ‘Cruel Winter’ Trailer Is Fake

    Remember that Cruel Winter trailer that hit the ‘net last week? You know, the one that Illuminati conspiracists foamed at the mouth over as audio of George Bush’s “New World Order” speech was relayed over eery woodland scenes? As it turns out, Kanye West nor his G.O.O.D. Music label had anything to do with it. Speaking to Fuse, the video’s director Austin Christianson revealed that the trailer was simply an independently-produced piece as a pitch to a client, and wasn’t intended to be seen by the masses.

    “Without getting into many details, I will say that the trailer was independently made and the video is essentially a concept trailer,” he said. “It’s used for pitching an idea and/or concept to a client. With that said, the video was being used for pitching purposes and it’s naturally intended only for the client to see.”

    With the confusion now resolved, you can lay off the YouTube comments (and also take off that tinfoil hat while you’re at it), you crazy conspiracists. Still, this doesn’t help to add any clarity to what the eff Cruel Winter is exactly and when it will be releasing!