Kanye West Watched Kim’s Sex Tape In The Bedroom…With Other Girls

    So apparently Kanye West was one of many fans of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape with Ray J. We already know that Yeazy has been in love with Kim for years (and sang about it in 2009’s “Knock Me Down”) but this news just takes it to a new (and creepier) level.

    According to TMZ, long before he and Kim were bangin’ it out, ‘Ye used to watch the sex tape with his sexual partners. Multiple sources with first-hand knowledge (ahem) told TMZ that Mr. West used the video in the bedroom to get him in the mood…and apparently it did the trick.

    TMZ also reports that Kanye raps about the sex tape in his upcoming album…damn! I wonder if he still uses it with Kim? Or would that be a booty overload?