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Kanye West vs. Cameraman and Filmer (Video)

For those of you that don't like to read, here's video of Kanye West and his tour manager Don C. doing damage to camera equipment. Probably not the best look to be caught smashing a photographer's camera and then going after someone filming it all, but who knows maybe this is just unintentional marketing for "Love Lockdown."


West and Don C. were arrested for vandalism, but are now out. 


Does Kanye need anger management and/or media training?



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Kanye West

who gives a $hit really...he's a cocky bastard but his music is great. I mean what musician dont have issues... (ego mainly)


im just surprised how little security did and how long it took them to respond. safer country huh...and at an airport...on 9/ think they would be a wee more responsive too a fight or violence...


No he doesnt need anger management, paparazzi need to be illegal, then there is no problem. I feel bad even watching that video because that is what tmz wants us to do and it is bs.


bull.these r human beings who constantly get followed by cameras and u sound like u know better, by saying kanye this,kanye that...nope leave the human being alone,like every1 standing in the cue.would u like to be filmed like a monkey in a zoo 4 ur career?no!


Again, this is part of being a celebrity. It's also a big reason why these people are celebrities. Without people filming, photographing, etc. they wouldn't be in your magazine, the internet, etc. It's been like this for years now. It's nothing new.

99% of the celebrities out there don't smash cameras. A few do. It's possible the photographer said something incredibly out of line but that hasn't come out. As for trying to stop the guy from filming, they didn't want it filmed because they just got filmed destroying a camera. That's bad press.

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