Kanye West Suing Whoever Leaked His & Kim Kardashian Proposal Footage

    Kanye West is not a happy man as we’ve seen in numerous interviews and media appearances. But when video footage of his proposal to Kim Kardashian was leaked, he’s taking in further action. Although you would have figured something like this would have happened anyways due to their combined star power, . 

    TMZ reported:

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not have a long engagement — sources close to the couple tell TMZ the engagement will be very short and the wedding will happen quickly. 

    We’re told it’s Kanye more than Kim that wants the wedding to happen STAT. 

    As for what kind of wedding … we’re told it’s going to be “a blow out.” 

    But Kim and Kanye aren’t all smiles. Our sources say they are PISSED OFF that someone present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it. The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a confidentiality agreement. We’re told a lawsuit is imminent. 

    Imagine what’s going to happen when someone leaks video footage of their wedding.

    [Hip Hop Wired]