Kanye West Sued For Allegedly Sampling Songs For ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Without Permission

    It looks like Kanye West might have some explaining to do. Record label TufAmerica Inc. is accusing West of illegally using and sampling songs owned by their label to create the tracks “Who Will Survive In America?” and “Lost In The World” from the certified platinum album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

    The songs in question come from legendary New Orleans soul singer Eddie Bo’s songs “Hook and Sling Part 1” and “Hook and Sling Part 2.”  TufAmerica (who also sued the Beastie Boys over their track “Say What?” the day before MCA died) claims that they bought full rights to Bo’s discography back in 1996. Although TufAmerica was paid for the usage of these songs by both Universal and Rocafella records, the record label now claims that West “failed and refused to enter into written agreements that accounted for their multiple other uses of the song in question.”

    TufAmerica is seeking unspecified punitive damages from both Rocafella and Universal Music Group. West and his team have yet to respond to the plaintiffs claims. [Hip Hop Wired