Kanye West Sings “We Should Have Never Ever Let MIchael Jordan Play For The Wizards” (Listen)

    Just when you thought Kanye West’s iconic rants couldn’t get better (or worse?) he turns his latest stream-of-conscious speech in his hometown Chi into a sing-a-long about Michael Jordan playing for the Wizards. 

    I don’t know if you’ve compiled your “Best Of 2013” lists yet, but I know mine will have a late entry in the “Best Tracks” department entitled “We Should’ve Never Ever Let Michael Jordan Play For The Wiiizards.”

    Let it be known, however, there is a method to the man’s madness. While it seems he’s just being crazy ‘Ye to the untrained ear, this whole rant is completely in concurrence with everything he’s been talking about all year. When an athlete (or artist) has contributed so much to his craft time and time again, there’s got to be a point when you hand over the keys and trust his talents. 

    Oh, God. I can’t wait til he talks his shit again. Enjoy the clip below.