Kanye West Sex Tape Being Shopped…”Co-star” Looks Like Kim K

    Looks like Kanye West’s obsession with Kim Kardashian just got weirder (if that’s even possible). Apparently, she’s not the only one with a sex tape. Word on the street is Yeezy’s got one too, and it’s currently being shopped around.

    Okay, so he’s got a porno now too, what does that have to do with Kim, you may ask. Here’s how: the 20-minute tape, which was shot in a hotel room, co-stars an unidentified female who clearly states that she is 18-year-old and married, and apparently looks eerily similar to Kim (can you say creepy?). 

    According to AllHipHop.com, a source says that ‘Ye is terrified of the tape being leaked and that he was doing anything to keep the tape private. Good luck with that, pal!