Kanye West Provides Pusha T With Greatest Intro Of All Time

    Can Kanye hold his liquor? That remains to be seen. What Yeezy fans do know, however, is that Kanye + alcohol make for some of the greatest rants of all time! He had earlier rants this summer that dealt with the release of Yeezus and his current anti-corporation stance, and his latest form of bravado isn’t much different.  During the listening session for Pusha T’s upcoming album My Name Is My Name, Kanye took the opportunity to reintroduce his fellow G.O.O.D Music member to the world. Admittedly “loose off the Goose”, Kanye reeled off line after line dealing with “culture vultures”, sellouts, and “not giving a fuck about how much money you make.” Can you imagine if Kanye walked into your place of work, and introduced you to the CEO like this? You’d probably be promoted to vice president that very day.  (via TSS)