Kanye prefers the Killers to TV on the Radio, loses cool points

    Kanye WestIn an interview with the New York Times, Kanye West broke the number one rule of being cool ” he let the interviewer know that he wanted people to think he was cool. He also noted his preference for maudlin Top-40 rock over indie, which won’t score him points with the Williamsburg hipster politburo, but, to this writer anyway, is a refreshing admission in its honesty. Here’s Kanye via NYT:
    “I love TV on the Radio”’s production,”” he said, referencing the critically acclaimed Brooklyn indie-rockers, “but man, at the end of the day, Keane and the Killers have bigger hooks.”” Mr. West stops, considers, then laughs. ””The last thing I need now in my quest to be cool is for somebody to think I dissed TV on the Radio.”
    [more:]Does it really surprise us that Kanye would like Keane and the Killers (and the Fray and All-American Rejects, who he lists as his current fave rock bands) over TVOTR? His production nearly always prefers slick bubblegum and theatrical flash over low-key backpacker brood. Still, Kanye, you can’t let people know you’re on a “quest to be cool.” Here’s what you do; when people ask you if you’re cool, you gotta be all nonchalant-like: “What, me cool? Like, if you say so, Cochese. It’s so whatevs.” Calling them “Cochese” always works.
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