Kanye West Over Does The Auto-Tune On His Kim Kardashian “Awesome”

    Only God knows just how much more we’ll be hearing about Kanye West and his beloved Kim Kardashian in 2015. Heck, the year just started. Other than his interruption of Beck during the Grammys, his new fashion line for Adidas and his wife – he also has some new music coming out.

    A final version of his track “Awesome” leaked and it’s just slathered with auto-tune making a track that could have come from his 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak. The slow ballad peculiarly contains some of the most elementary and basic lyrics that ultimately tells his wife that she’s “awesome” over and over again. He keeps trying to remind her that she has no reason to listen to the haters. And if you’re familiar with their reputations, you know there’s millions of them out there.

    There’s no word if this track is going to appear on his upcoming album So Help Me God. But if it is, it’s definitely a step back from his last album Yeezus.

    Listen to the track below and decide for yourself whether or not West is beginning to not only love himself too much but Miss West as well.