Kanye West moves to India?

    Rumor has it Kanye West is off to India to clear his mind. Just last week he canceled his ambitious “Fame Kills” tour with Lady Gaga. Now the troubled rapper has reportedly booked a month at Hindu guru Sri Aurobindo’s ashram in Pondicherry, India. This announcement comes less than a month after West’s now legendary onstage meltdown during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at September’s MTV Video Music Awards. West has become the butt of a litany of jokes in the wake of the outburst; even President Obama weighed in on the matter, calling West a “jackass” off the record in an interview.


    West has already apologized profusely for the incident, on his blog, over the phone in a direct call to Swift and during his harrowing Jay Leno Show appearance. How much penance is too much? [NME]