Kanye West In Talks To Become A Judge On ‘American Idol’

    After Nicki Minaj answered the call to become judge number two on American Idol, fans had to know that something big was in the cards for who would be named as the final judge on the show. But as TMZ reports, not many would have guessed that hitmaking producer/hip-hop artist Kanye West would be the guy they had in mind.

    Sources close to the production told the celebrity website that execs with the program reached out to Kanye recently about filling one of the open spots and he seemed interested in the role.

    Not surprisingly, Kanye allegedly wants the big bucks if he’s going to join Idol. In his case that means that he needs to be paid at least $18 million, which is what Mariah Carey is getting.

    Like with most things he does, this could get much more complicated before things shake out and who knows if he’ll actually become a judge or is just flirting with the idea. Either way, the soap opera surrounding this year’s cast of judges seems to be more interesting than the show itself.